360° Autotrack Selfie Stand

360° Autotrack Selfie Stand

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Do More, Capture More, Create More

Designed to unleash the cinematic potential of your Smartphone.

Easiest Way To Make Your Mobile Videos Buttery Smooth.

Turn Bumpy Dance Moves Into Works Of Art

Vlogger's Dream

✔️Coach's Second Set Of Eyes

✔️Your Families Personal Videographer. 

✔️Influencer's Best Friend 

Record & Share Your Unique Story Easily & Creatively

360° Rotation

No limitation on where you go.  Your camera will always follow 360° 

Facial/Object Tracking

Innovative smart tracking captures your face, body or other objects to track and follow.  

Perfect Panorama

Capture beautiful, seamless panorama views hands-free.  Unsteady panoramas are a thing of the past.