Onetixs™ Perfect Abs Straps
Onetixs™ Perfect Abs Straps
Onetixs™ Perfect Abs Straps
Onetixs™ Perfect Abs Straps

Onetixs™ Perfect Abs Straps

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Improve your abdominal strength with these revolutionary pulls up straps. It forces you to work out specific muscle groups that aren’t active when doing a standard ab exercise, making your workout more efficient. Improve your abdominal muscles and shape your waist using this specialized equipment.

 Features and Benefits 

PERFORMANCE - Assists in weight loss and body shaping, designed so that straps will remain comfortable around your arms throughout your exercise. 

EFFECTIVE - Increase the effectiveness of doing hanging ab exercises by targeting a variety of different muscle groups to increase strength. Normal hanging leg raises cause a lot of tension in your forearms, which will result in less repetitions. Our pull up straps relief this tension, so that your abs are targeted significantly more.

SHAPING - It helps build up your abs, biceps, and dorsal muscles, which will help endorse a perfect body shape. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

+Where can I buy Onetixs™ products?

Onetixs™ products are exclusively available through this online store. That's how we can guarantee the best price and cut out unnecessary margens for middlemen that raise the retail price.

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We offer FREE shipping worldwide, with tracking number. Returns are accepted within 30 days after you receive your order.