Elegant Professional 4 in 1 Video Kit
Elegant Professional 4 in 1 Video Kit
Elegant Professional 4 in 1 Video Kit

Elegant Professional 4 in 1 Video Kit

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Elevate your smartphone into a professional video recording tool with our Elegant Professional Video Kit.

This is perfect for...

📸 Vloggers

📸 Photographers/Videographers

📸 Social Media Influencers

📸 Tik Tok

Our professional video kit features a boom microphone, 3 leg tripod, LED light, and bracket that is sure to take your video-making skills to the next level.


You will now be able to control the lighting mode and adjust the brightness to your preference, proven to increase the quality of all your pictures and videos.

**Not sold in stores
**Smartphone not included

COMFORTABLE GRIP: The handles on both sides provide excellent grip for precise movements while shooting. Our special design turns your mobile device into a top-grade photography and video tool.


COMPATIBLEOur Professional Video Kit is compatible with most smartphones that have a 4 to 7-inch screen making it extremely practical to create quality content anywhere. Easily adjust the frame to fit your phone.

EASILY ATTACH MICROPHONE AND LED LIGHT: With 2 standard shoe mounts and universal 1/4 inch mount thread, you can easily add accessories like an LED Light and mic for perfect shooting on the go.

MOUNT ANYWHERE: The Prime Time Video Kit is great for people who do not want to invest in high-end cameras at the initial stage. Easily mount it with any tripod, slider, or dolly and shoot professional videos easily with your smartphone.

Prime Time Video Kit

Elegant™ Professional 4 in 1 Video Kit Includes:

LED Light

  1. Built-in 96 LED beads
  2. Powered by BP-4L battery or 4x AA battery (not included)
  3. Easy to carry and lightweight for phone photography or DSLR camera photography
  4. Professional LED Light

3 Legged Tripod

  1. Highly compatible with universal 1/4 inches screw
  2. Mount it on your phone and enjoy shooting professional-quality video
  3. Strong base with rubber base

Boom Microphone

  1. Compact camera microphone
  2. Compatible with Smartphones, DSLR cameras, Camcorders, PC.
  3. It provides a stereo sound image with superb quality. 
  4. Frequency response: 30-15000Hz. 


  1. Compatible with all smartphones